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Liam Imagine(Boxer AU)Part4💘

*Liam’s POV*
‘What did I miss while I was asleep,’I hope (Y/N) is okay,and I want to know who Scott’s helping get her,and why he is,”Maybe I should join her tomorrow to make sure she’s alright.’
*Present Day*
*Liam’s POV*
Just as Scott got off the phone, with who I now know is Troy, I slowly opened my eyes letting them a just to the light.

After I open them three things happen, also sharp pain all of my body, Scott looked at me and smiled the fakest smile I had ever seen, and (Y/N)’s shower stops running.
‘Now that I know Scott and Troy’s plan I can figure out a way to save (Y/N) and find out what the hell is going on in the process.’I thought still wondering what I had missed. As I have all these thoughts running through my head (Y/N) walks out of the hospital bathroom.”Liam,”(Y/N) exclaims loudly.”When did you wake up?”Eager to know if she’d missed anything.”I only woke up a few seconds ago,”I explained.”I even feel great!Maybe I could sign out tomorrow?”Silently hoping (Y/N) agrees with me.

"Liam are you sure,"(Y/N) questions worriedly."You just woke up after fighting my – your opponent."She smiles nervously as she hopes I don’t notice her slip up.
‘Now I KNOW something is going on.I just have to convince her to let me leave early.’
“I’m fine! I have never felt better, plus I want to spend some quality time with you.”
I said convincingly.”O–okay I guess we could sign you out, but I’m going running tomorrow, do you feel well enough to run with me?”She asks”Of course! Hey babe could you go get me food from the vending machine?”I asked needing to get her out of the room so I could talk to Scott.
“Yeah, what do you want?”“Anything is fine.”I say smiling brightly. After that conformation she left the room.

"So," Scott starts but I interrupted him before he could finish."Cut the bullshit," I say harshly."I know you plan on doing to (Y/N) and I want you to know that I might hurt like hell all over,but I will NOT let you or Troy hurt her."I say sounding furious.
“Look, I don’t care what you say all I want is my money. Oh and here’s a fun fact for you. Troy is (Y/N)’s brother,bet she never told you that did she,”He says starting to smart evilly.”So stay out of this before I hurt both of you.”He says not hiding his threat.

*(Y/N)’s POV*
I was just coming back with a Liam’s snack when I heard him talking to Scott. I only heard one thing and that was Scott. What he said just kept replaying in my head.After that Liam was silent,and all I could guess is that he was shocked, I wish I would have told him sooner.
‘Now I need to talk to him about Scott seeing as he is a traitor.’I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything in case something bad happens.’I thought while opening the door.

"Hey guys,I’m back." I say entering the room, and thinking of a way to get Scott away from us so we could talk.
“Scott do you think you could go and pick up Liam some clothes from the house?”I asked knowing this is the only way to get him to leave. I only hope he doesn’t do anything to our home.”Sure anything for you guys.”He said smiling.
Haleys a few minutes after gathering his jacket and car keys.”We need to talk,”Liam says looking up at me with what seems to be disappointed.”Why didn’t you tell me Troy was your brother?”
“Look I’ll explain EVERYTHING,but first we need a plan because I don’t know about you but I don’t want either of us hurt.”

"First where going to need to be observant. We have to check our surroundings they are not coming after me, they’re after you, but we need to be extra careful,"Liam pauses."They won’t hesitate to take us both, I have a gun at the house when we go on the run we’re going to be in a situation and I don’t care who I have to kill to get out of it."
*In the morning*
We had signed Liam out earlier. He just remember his uncle was a local police officer so we tipped them off about what is happening.10 minutes and a gun later we were running. After running for a little while I noticed a black van following us,I signaled Liam telling him to wait so I could “tie my shoe”.
Then I hear a van door slot open and feet pounding against the concrete.’Oh Shit!’I think as I see them both with 9 mm berettas.’It’s about to go down.’I think standing up quickly.

Liam and I stare down Scott and Troy with intensity. Their faces scrunched up with anger is they realize there are two of us to deal with. Liam slowly raised his gun in defense and the others drew theirs.
“Look, I didn’t want it to come to this, let’s just put the guns down and talk about this like civilized people, I don’t want anyone to do anything they’ll regret.”Liam said slowly.
“We’ll put the guns down when we get (Y/N)!”Troy shouts.

"Well then I guess we are going to have to do this the hard way."Liam says,and with surprising accuracy he shoots the guns out of both of their hands. They charge him and he elbows Scott in the gut and hits Troy in the head with his gun.
Troy falls to the ground days while Scott comes in for another attack. Liam head butts him and knew him in between the leg before he drops to the ground. Just then we hear police sirens and smile at each other with relief. After the cops get both Troy and Scott into the car, Liam looks at me and says
“I would’ve never let then get you,not without a fight.”Then he pulls me into a passionate kiss.

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Liam Imagine(Boxer AU)Part3💘

“This won’t be the last you see if me (Y/N)!” Troy Yells.I ignored him and kept running.I didn’t know where I was going but I had to get away from him.
*Present Day*
*(Y/N)’s POV*
I had just made it out of the hospital when I got a phone call from Scott.
“Hello,is everything all right?”I asked worriedly.”Nothing,nothing you’ve been gone for a long time and I was starting to worry.Liam’s been showing signs if fully waking up,you should head back this way.”Scott explained

"U-um I went to get real food,hospital food never really agreed with me."I stuttered trying to come up with an excuse for my absence."I’m in the parking lot though so I’m on my way,I’ll be there soon."I say rushing back into the hospital but still being cautious of my surroundings.
*Scott’s POV*
“Look Troy,I got her to go down the hallway,I can’t do everything by myself in this plan,”I say growing agitated.”You owe me a lot of money and that’s the only reason I’m doing this,so we need to get this operation going.”
“I’m trying!We’re gonna need some heavy duty stuff,she’s just like she used to be,feisty.”Troy says smirking.

"Look I don’t care about your pervy thoughts about your sister,you can express your weird love to her after I get my money!Now (Y/N) is heading back this way.Get your act together and get her so I can get my money!"I said feeling even more agitated with the neanderthal.Just as I get off the phone (Y/N) walks into the room."Did he wake up yet?"(Y/N) asks excitedly."Not yet,"I say putting on the fake smile she always seems to believe."It’ll be really soon though he’s already starting opening and closing his eyes and mumbling.“‘Liam in the hospital is just what I need to help Troy kidnap her.’I thought smiling to myself.

*(Y/N)’s POV*
‘Scott’s been acting a little word ever since I got back,’I thought slightly worried.’I hope nothing happened!’
“Scott are you okay?”I asked worriedly.”Of course I am!I just have a lot on my mind.”He says reassuringly.I feel the tension leave my body knowing that everything is alright.”Since Liam is waking up,I decided I could back to my normal routine!So,I’m gonna take a shower and I’m possibly even going to go for a run tomorrow morning!”I say excited everything getting back on track.”You gonna be okay in here?”I ask gathering some clothes that Scott brought for me earlier.

"I’ll be just fine."Scott says a plan forming in his mind.After that conformation I headed to the bathroom to start my shower.
*Scott’s POV*
After (Y/N) turns on the shower I call Troy.”I know the perfect time for you to get her!She’s in the shower,and I don’t have long.So…”I start planning with Troy.

*Third Person*
Little did Scott know that Liam heard EVERYTHING!
*Liam’s POV*
‘What did I miss while I was sleeping?’
‘I hope (Y/N) is okay.I want to know what Scott’s planning to do with (Y/N) and who he’s planning with.”Maybe I should follow her tomorrow to make sure she’s alright,I’ll just have to make sure Scott’s gone too.’

Leave Feedback Loves💘The last part is going up tomorrow.!Message me your thoughts/questions❤️

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Liam Payne (Boxer AU) Part2💘

“I told him not too!H-he just wouldn’t listen!”You sobbed shaking as hard as a tree in a hurricane.
*Present Day*
*(Y/N)’s POV*
It’s been two days since Liam had been admitted to the hospital,and he hasn’t woke up fully yet.He’s had his moments where he barely opens his eyes and slurs his words.Since I haven’t left Liam’s room,Scott is trying to force me to go to the cafeteria.

"I don’t have to go to the cafeteria,"I try to argue."I’m not even hungry!"
“(Y/N),you haven’t eaten anything since Liam was admitted,do you really think he would be happy that you’re slowly killing yourself while he’s trying to get better?”Scott asks.
I thought about it for a a minute.”I guess you’re right,”I say after thinking long and hard.”Any sign of him waking up you call me ASAP!”“Of course (Y/N),now go eat so I can stop worrying.” I then exited the room and then make your way to the cafeteria.
I was halfway there when I got pulled into a utility closet.There was a hand covering my mouth so I couldn’t scream.

"Don’t scream,I just want to talk to you,"The mystery person said."I’ll let you go if you promise not to scream."I nodded my head very slowly.The mystery man then turned me around,and the face I saw made my heart stop.
“What are you doing here!”I hiss,eyes growing slightly.”Well baby sister,it’s been so long since I’ve seen your face,I hope your boyfriend is okay.”Troy says smirking evilly.
“I stopped being your baby sister after what you did to mom and I,”You say growing furious.”My older brother would’ve never done what you did to us!It me years to get over that night ,and when I met Liam I finally did!”

"I was only 16 Troy!16!"Tears welling up and spilling over as you think back to that night many years ago.
“Mom where’s Troy?”I ask while walking downstairs.”I need help with my math homework!”“I don’t know sweetie,he’s supposed to be with his friends.”She says smiling brightly.”I’ll be more than happy to help.”
I make my way to the kitchen table and she helps me with my homework.

*5 hours later*
I wake up and hear my mom’s scream followed by a thud.I grew scared,but I had to make she sure she was okay.O walked downstairs to see Troy standing over her and she’s bleeding a river.I was wide eyed and terrified when Troy looked at the stairs with an evil glint in his eye.I ran for my room and slammed the door.I was pressed up against it so he wouldn’t get in.He was pounding the door and screaming!”Open up the door (Y/N) I just want to talk!”He said while still trying to push the door open.”Troy,please don’t hurt me please!”I screamed sobbing.Troy then pushed the door open with so much force that I fell to the ground.He yanked me up and threw me on the bed.He yanked off my night shorts I was kicking and screaming!I was begging him not to but he wouldn’t listen!Then he raped me…

*Present Day*
“I’ll never forgive you for that.Never!Not only did you scar me you almost murdered my mother.”I said in tears as I turned to leave the room.
“This won’t be he last you see of me (Y/N)!”Troy yells.
I ignored him and kept running.I didn’t know where I was going,but I had to get away from him.

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Liam Payne Imagine💘Boxer AU

*Liam’s POV*
‘I finally made it,’I thought to myself.’I’m finally going pro!This is the biggest match I’m probably ever going to fight in!The only the that worries me in the slightest is the fact that he’s an undefeated world champion.’
“Liam!We have to get a move on!”Liam’s manager,Scott,yells.
“Don’t forget,We have to pick up (Y/N) too!”I yelled back.
“Trust me,I won’t.We always have to.”Scott says chuckling a little.”She’s really nervous about this fight,you know that right?”Scott asks me.

"Yeah,I know,"I say with a frown."She doesn’t have anything to worry about!I mean sure he’s a undefeated champion,even if I don’t win I’ll be ok!"I say reassuring myself more than I am Scott."Are you sure you’re ready for this fight,"Scott says as he and I get into the car."I mean sure (Y/N) is worried,she has been your girlfriend for 3 years,but do you REALLY want to do this?""Scott,I’m 100% positive mate."
With that being said,the rest of the journey to (Y/N)’s house was silent.

*(Y/N)’s POV*
‘I’m not gonna lie to myself this the most nervous I’ve ever been about a fight,’I thought.’I mean I’ve seen who Liam is going up against and it scares me.I’ve tried to convince him not to do it but he’s to stubborn to listen to me!’I think starting to feel a little frustrated.
5 minutes later I hear a horn blow outside the door.
‘Let’s get this over with and hope everything goes okay.’I say a small pray as I head out the door.
“(Y/N)!”Liam exclaims as he pulls you into a kiss.

"Liam,"I say with less enthusiasm and give him a tight hug."Are you still nervous,"Liam asks frowning a little."Of course I’m nervous!You should be!Liam,this is a UNDEFEATED WORLD CHAMPION!"I say panicking slightly."(Y/N),I know that,but nothing bad is going to happen.I promise!"Liam says."Don’t make promises you can’t keep."You say feeling slightly put out.
The rest of the drive happens in silence until you arrive at the arena.When you arrive Liam goes to get ready with a final kiss from you.When Liam leaves you go take a seat in the stands.

*15 minutes later*
The arena lights go out and the spotlights start shining.
“Introducing first from the red corner weighing 275 pounds,coming from Pensacola Florida,TROY JONES!”People cheer as Troy gets into the ring.
The announcer then gets the crowd ready for Liam.”Introducing second from the blue corner weighing 164 pounds,coming from Wolverhampton,England,LIAM PAYNE!”The crowd cheers as Liam arrives.The arena spotlights turn to the ring and the match starts.Troy starts after Liam as soon as the bell rings.He is known for his viciousness and the way he attacks Liam shows it’s no lie.He attacks with so much force that Liam can barely keep standing after 3 minutes.

Liam’s body can withstand so much especially with his kidneys acting up again.(Another reason you were so worried.)Liam finally got back on his feet to get some attacks of his own in,but even that wasn’t enough to stop Troy.So in the 3rd round during the 8th minute,Liam have up.When the bell finally did ring,Trot still hadn’t let up his attacks.’He’s going to beat Liam to death!’I thought with anxiety seeping through my veins.’Someone’s got to help him!’It took 4 people to get Troy off of him,and when they did Liam looked nothing like you had ever seen before.

It brought tears to your eyes.Liam was put in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital.
*30 minutes later*
The ambulance arrived at the hospital 3 hours ago and still no word on Liam.Finally 15 minutes later a doctor in scrubs comes into the waiting room.
“Friends and Family of Liam Payne?”The doctor asks.”That’s us,”Scott says motioning to himself and I.”What’s the news?”He asks nervously.”Well the good news is we got him stable,the bad news is that he has a mild concussion,2 broken ribs,2 cracked ribs,and we almost had some kidney failure but thankfully we got it under control.You can see him now in room 266.”The doctor informs.
“Thank you.”Scott says.
You and Scott then make your way to room 266.When you walk through the door and see his pale,beaten face you break down and start sobbing.”I told him not too!H-he just wouldn’t listen!”You sobbed shaking as hard as a tree in the hurricane.

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My Edit🙈
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I’ll start posting them on tumblr too.!💕🙈

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"You should smile more!"


"You look tired!"


"Are you really going to eat all that?"


Is it that time of month?


"You’re just being dramatic"


"You have terrible taste"


"Just exercise and eat less!"


"Thats really slutty"


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